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Our company assures you receive the best rates when you hire us. Our fees are very competitive!

There is no fee if problem is not fixed!

We come to you, diagnose and fix your problem.

Most of small problems usually take 30 minutes to 1 hour, they are: 
e-mail configuration, outlook support, home network installation, Modem installations, Video Card Replacement, Hard Drive Replacement, Sound Card Replacement, Ethernet Card Replacement, BluRay/DVD/CD Drive Replacement, Computer Case CleanUp – (Dust Cleanup), Skype, ICQ, AIM, MSN setup and Installation, file & print sharing for your home or business.

Most of medium problems usually take 1 to 2 hours, they are:
Data transfer from an old computer to a new one, Writing data to CD/DVD, Data loss prevention, Registry cleanup, Virus detection and cleanup, Windows Tune up, OS installations

Most of big problems usually take not over 3 hours, they are:
New computer setup and configuration

Plans & Services

On-Site RESIDENTIAL Tech Support  – $80 / hour, 1 hour minimum, each additional 1/2 hr is $40

On-Site  BUSINESS Tech Support- $100 / hour,  1 hour minimum, each additional 1/2 hr is $50



Tech Support

10 hrs
$700 ($70/hr)
save $100
15 hrs
$975 ($65/hr)
save $225
20 hrs
$1200 ($60/hr)
save $400



Tech Support

10 hrs
$900 ($90/hr)
save $100
20 hrs
$1700 ($85/hr)
save $300
30 hrs
$2400 ($80/hr)
save $600
40 hrs
$3000 ($75/hr)
save $1000

Do not forget!

We provide FREE DIAGNOSTICS and NO travel FEE!