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In new version of Windows 10 which is Windows 10 S Microsoft Edge and Bing are the  defaults that you can not escape from anymore. It means you can not change the default browser and default search engine. We stuck with Microsoft Edge and Bing.
There is a little workaround you can change the opening page. Presumably, Microsoft Edge will be no different in Windows 10 S than it is in the current version of Windows 10.

Open the Edge menu (the three vertical dots in the upper right corner) and go to Settings > Open Microsoft Edge with > A specific page or pages. Now enter Google.com as your
desired webpage, and you’ll be ready to use Google every time you open Edge.

However, you can not open every new tab with Google. Google Chrome and Firefox are available to be downloaded from Windows Store, but they can never override Edge as the default browser.

We believe once Windows 10 S hits the market its only a matter of time before developers will find the way and workarounds to make this Windows behave like a regular Windows 10.

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